Training First Detectors

Educators are trained First Detectors who recruit and train other individuals to become First Detectors. They build the First Detector network within their own professional realms, dramatically increasing the program's reach. Professionally, these individuals may be educators, diagnosticians, plant health care professionals, or conservationists.

What Educators Do

First Detector Educators play two main roles: authoring educational content and conducting face-to-face First Detector certification training programs in their communities. These workshops cover:

  • an introduction to the First Detector program
  • how individuals can get involved and expectations of First Detectors
  • the environmental and economic impacts of introduced plant pests and the crucial role of early detection of introduced species
  • how to recognize suspect target pests
  • procedures and protocol for submitting samples to the local diagnostic lab


Register Your Workshop

As a First Detector Educator, you can register your training program on our training site. When the workshop is complete, please upload participant information into our First Detector database.




How to become a First Detector Educator

If you are a professional educator, you can become part of the First Detector Educator team as a workshop coordinator or state coordinator! First, you must complete First Detector training by:

1. Participating in a First Detector or Sentinel Plant Network training program
2. Successfully completing the First Detector online course and special topic modules.

If you are not an educator, the Training and Education committee will consider individual requests for educator access. Please email Rachel McCarthy for more information.


Educator Resources

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Create training content.

Your can help expand First Detector training opportunities by authoring training presentations and e-learning modules! If you would like to get involved, please contact:

Rachel McCarthy
NPDN & NEPDN Training and Education Coordinator
Department of Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology, Cornell University

(607) 255-7871