First Detector Online Courses

Our e-learning program brings First Detector training directly to your phone or computer. Each digital, multimedia module is followed by a ten question post-test, passable with a score of 70% or higher. You can learn to monitor for and report the presence of plant pests and pathogens by completing the certification track or curate your own curriculum from core courses and advanced training topics.



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First Detector Certification Courses

In this 6-course series, you will learn to monitor for and report signs and symptoms of exotic pests and pathogens that could harm U.S. plant resources. By passing each course's posttest with 70% or greater, you will complete certification requirements and find your certificate of completion under the "My Account" dropdown menu. Welcome to the First Detector team!


2. Monitoring for
High-Risk Pests

3. Diagnosing
Plant Problems

4. Submitting
Diagnostic Samples

5. Photography
for Diagnosis

6. Disease and
Pest Scenarios




Advanced Training Topics


coming soon

  • Oak Processionary Moth
  • Tremex Woodwasp