This module gives you a chance to exercise the skills you've gained through your First Detector training. By working through these real life scenarios, you will decide how to execute each step of the monitoring, detecting, and reporting process. You will learn or demonstrate the following:

  • How to scout a field for a plant pest, plant pathogen, or weed problem.
  • What is considered a high-risk plant pest, pathgen, or weed and when to collect a sample for submission.
  • How to properly collect, package, and send a high-risk plant pest, pathogen, or weed sample.
  • How to conduct proper chain of communication and custody when submitting a sample for diagnosis.


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Pest highlight:

Asian longhorned beetle



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Content Revision (scripted presentation only): October 2013

Text Content Revision: Richard Hoenisch (University of California, Davis), Eric LeVeen (University of Florida) and Stephanie Stocks (University of Florida)

Technical Reviewers: Sharon Dobesh (GPDN Associate Director), Amy Dunfee (NCPDN Teaching and Education Coordinator), Rachel McCarthy (NEPDN, Education and Training Coordinator), and Gail Ruhl (Purdue University)

Content Revision (scripted presentation only): October 2009

Technical Review and Module Revision: Richard Hoenisch (University of California-Davis), Amanda Hodges (University of Florida)

Original Publication : April 2008 

Module Design/Technical Writer: Gerry Snyder with assistance from Buck Rowland (both Kansas State University) and Mary McKellar, Education and Training Coordinator, NEPDN, Cornell University 

Content Experts: Jim Stack (Kansas State University), Carrie Harmon (University of Florida), and Gerald Holmes (North Carolina State University) 

Technical Reviewers: Jim Stack (Kansas State University), Carrie Harmon (University of Florida), Gerald Holmes (North Carolina State University), Mary McKellar (Cornell University), Amanda Hodges (University of Florida), Richard Hoenisch (University of California-Davis), Marty Draper (USDA-NIFA) 

Original Additional Reviewers: Dale Baird (University of Illinois), Dotty Woodson (Texas A&M University), Annette Heisdorffer (University of Kentucky), Rick Cartwright (University of Arkansas)



Photo credit - Asian longhorned beetle: Joe Boggs, Ohio State University